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Shipping Boxes For Businesses

FloridaBoxes™ offers a wide selection of packing boxes suitable for different industries and needs. Whether you are in the retail industry, floral industry, pharmaceutical, produce, or aviation markets we have a box for your company needs.

Corrugated Boxes – Generally offered in bundles of 25 with great tier level prices, these corrugated boxes are rated ECT 32, the most commonly accepted shipping quality in the industry. The corrugated boxes are the lightweight version, yet a sturdy solution for the shipping of different items in over 60 varieties of box sizes and styles to choose from. The low weight of these corrugated packing boxes is instrumental in lowering the shipping costs. Also, the wide selection of the boxes offered by FloridaBoxes™ is a great help in choosing the right size shipping box for each item resulting in reducing the damages due to the shifting of the contents during the transit

Heavy-Duty Corrugated Boxes – These boxes are all 275 Lbs. double-walled sturdy boxes ideal for shipping items weighing more than the typical contents of shipping or storage boxes. There are many different box sizes for the heavy-duty corrugated boxes, sold in bundles, making finding the right box for each job a cost-saving breeze.

Cube Boxes – The cube boxes are also offered in a wide variety of sizes with the option of either the sturdy ECT 32 or the heavy-duty 275 Lbs, and depending on the type of the boxes may be multi-depth.

Multi-Depth Boxes – The Multi-Depth Boxes are ideal for shippers who need to pack items in different sizes. Multi-Depth Boxes can be adjusted to perfectly match the size of the content allowing for better packaging while reducing the inventory and storage space needed to stock different size moving boxes. Florida Boxes offers the most competitive prices along with a wide size selection of Multi-Depth Boxes.

Flat Boxes – Flat packing boxes are the perfect solution for packing smaller items from apparel to electronics. The Flat Boxes are offered in hundreds of different sizes allowing the manufactures and shippers to use the perfect box in the perfect size for shipping their products. Using the right size box will save in shipping costs while reducing the risk of damage to the contents during transit.

Tall Boxes – Tall Corrugated Boxes are another great example of specialty boxes offered by FloridaBoxes™ which are designed to precisely pack specific items like golf clubs, lamps, or sporting equipment. Use of some bubble rolls, packing peanuts or packing papers while packing will reduce the risk of breakage of the contents during the transit.

Long Shipping Boxes – Just like our Tall Boxes but the opening is from the top on the long side of the box. The Long Boxes are offered in a wide variety of box sizes for safely packing items in unique shapes such as floral arrangements, blooming plants, and other long narrow items. Packing paper, bubble rolls, or peanuts will keep items in place while shipping.

Boxes by Size – In this grouping of boxes, they’re classified by the length of the boxes. Click on each category and you will find a wide selection of sturdy corrugated shipping boxes in the most competitive prices in the market.