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Bubble Rolls

Bubble Cushion Rolls

  • Sold in Small, Medium, and Large Size Bubbles
  • Bubble Cushion Wrap is sold in various widths and lengths
  • The bubble sheets are lightweight to reduce shipping costs
  • Protective material to wrap fragile items and fill voids in boxes
  • Perforated every 12" easy to tear
  • Use Custom Quote for large bubble orders
SKU Bubble Length Bubble Width Bubble Size Price Tier Pricing Add to Cart
2 4 8
BUBSM0120175 175' 12" 3/16" (Small) $25.20 $22.31 $18.38 $17.33

BUBSM0240175 175' 24" 3/16" (Small) $46.20 $36.75 $34.65 $34.65

BUBSM0480175 175' 48" 3/16" (Small) $83.95 $69.30 $69.30 $69.30

BUBMD0120100 100' 12" 5/16" (Medium) $24.15 $22.94 $19.32 $18.11

BUBMD0240100 100' 24" 5/16" (Medium) $47.20 $44.84 $42.48 $40.12

BUBMD0480100 100' 48" 5/16" (Medium) $83.95 $80.59 $77.23 $77.23

BUBLR0120065 65' 12" 1/2" (Large) $24.15 $22.94 $21.74 $20.53

BUBLR0240065 65' 24" 1/2" (Large) $46.20 $43.89 $41.58 $39.27

BUBLR0480065 65' 48" 1/2" (Large) $83.95 $80.59 $77.23 $77.23

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Bubble Cushioning Rolls

Bubble Cushioning Rolls are flexible clear plastic packing tools in the shipping of fragile items. The evenly spaced air bubbles create substantial padding separating and protecting the fragile items in the shipping boxes. The air pockets that provide the padding to delicate or sensitive items are commonly offered in various sizes, contingent upon the size of the item being packed and the degree of protection required. A sufficient level of protection against vibration or shock may require several layers of the bubble rolls. One layer of bubble roll could be used primarily as a surface protector.

Uses of Bubble Roll Wraps

Since its invention in 1957, the innovative consumer has been discovering many new uses for Bubble Roll Wraps.

  • Packing Fragile Items with Bubble Rolls – The real use of the Bubble Roll Wraps as a cushioning agent did not come to life until IBM applied them to the packing of their pricey and sensitive computers in 1960. This opened the doors for many other packaging uses of Bubble Roll Wraps and became the must-have packing supply within a few years after IBM’s first shipment.
  • Greenhouse Insulation with Bubble Rolls After the idea of using the bubble sheets as wallpaper flopped, one of the early suggested use for Bubble Rolls was as insulation for the greenhouses. Although it was a practical application it did not offer a large enough market for the inventors of the Bubble Rolls at that time.
  • Bubble Roll Wraps as Insulation Agent – One of most innovative use of the Bubble Role Wraps is by emergency services in Norway who use a blanket type made of Bubble Rolls to cover patients during the cold Scandinavian winters. Other insulation ideas for Bubble Roll Wraps is covering the windows to keep the rooms warm during winter and cool during summer.

Bubble Roll is manufactured mainly from polyethylene film with the molded sheet attached to a flat sheet to create the air bubbles between the two sheets of polyethylene. Some bubble rolls have a lower saturation of the bubbles to enable longer life and protection from loss of the trapped air bubbles. The size of the bubbles is important when the different level of protection needed for different size fragile items. FloridaBoxes offers bubble rolls in 3 different bubble sizes:

  • Bubble Rolls with Small Bubbles The bubbles in this category are measured at 3 1/6” making these bubble rolls very flexible to pack and wrap around smaller fragile items. The Small Bubble Rolls is perfect for packing items such as glassware, dishes, and porcelain. Use of an extra layer of the Bubble Roll Wraps will create additional protection to prevent the items from shifting and hitting each other during transit.
  • Bubble Rolls with Medium BubblesThe 5 1/6” bubbles offer great surface protection while also acting as an adequate void fill and shock prevention tool. The Medium Bubble Roll Wraps are very versatile in securely packing small to medium size fragile items ranging from dishes to lamps and small appliances.
  • Bubble Rolls with Large BubblesThe large bubbles, ½”, are primarily used as a void fill to prevent damages associated with moving and storage of shipping boxes. Use of these Large Bubble Roll Wraps is highly recommended since the shifting of the contents during transit is determined to be one of the primary cause of damages to the content of the shipping boxes.