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Stretch Wrap

Clear Stretch Wrap

Stretch Films

  • Tough and durable for wrapping pallets, furniture, parts, and industrial applications
  • Stretch Film is an excellent source for successful shipping
  • This hand application film is noted for its superb load holding strength
  • The heavier the guage the stronger the hold to secure products
  • Discourages tampering of products when secured to the pallet
  • Stretch wraps come in both clear and opaque colors
  • Opaque stretch films hinder UV rays when used on outdoor pallet storage
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4 8 16 24
STRZHF1880ABCD 18" x 1500' Black Cast Hand 80G 4 $83.95 $80.59 $77.23 $73.88 $71.36

STRCHF1880A 18" x 1500' Cast Hand 80G 4 $92.66 $88.95 $85.25 $81.54 $78.76

STRBHF1880A 18" x 1500' Blown Hand 80G 4 $94.45 $90.67 $86.89 $83.12 $80.28

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Stretch Wrap Manufacturer

Stretch Wrap or otherwise known Stretch Film is constructed of a super flexible plastic film which is highly stretchable capable of securely wrapping and protecting the objects being packed. The Stretch Wraps’ inherent elasticity is instrumental in bunding the items tightly. This function is contrary to Shrink Wrap which is wrapped loosely around the subject and tighten with applying heat. The unwrapping of Stretch Films is very easy and no mess to clean because the film will stick to the objects.

Stretch Wrap is used in many packaging applications as a protective agent as well as securing the loads by stretching the film tightly around pallets. The ability of Stretch Wrap to cling to itself is the other characteristic of these Stretch Films eliminating the need for use of the packing tapes or other packing supplies to secure the load. The Stretch Wrap easily sticks to itself and securing the items by wrapping around them. The cost-effectiveness and ease use of these Stretch Wrap Films makes them a perfect solution for consumers ranging from Florida Businesses to industries of a different caliber.

Uses for Stretch Wrap

The variety of the Stretch Wrap offered by FloridaBoxes offers a great value along with the same-day shipping to Florida Businesses. The water and puncture-resistant Stretch Films have many uses both in industrial applications as well as the everyday household use.

  • Stretch Wrap for Pallets – The manufacturers and shippers find the pallet wrapping with Stretch Film to be the most economical and practical method in securing the contents to the pallets. The pallet wrapping is done either by machine wrapping or wrapping with Hand-Held Stretch Films including the Pipe Wrap and Hand Wrap Cast Dark Black. The Pipe Wrap is equipped with a handle on both sides of the Stretch Film for a time-saving, easy application while the Hand Wrap Cast Dark Black conceals the contents of the pallets. The concealment of the objects on the pallets has proven to be a good deterrent against theft especially for pallets with many stop-points.
  • Stretch Wrap for Luggage – Use of the Luggage Stretch Wrap around the luggage is a great protective agent against damages and theft. Most airports offer the luggage wrapping services it saves time and also it is most cost-effective if done in advance.
  • Stretch Wrap for Furniture – The Stretch Wrap can easily be wrapped around the furniture to shield them from stains, dust, and dirt. The Stretch Films also work great to protect the cabinet doors and drawers shipped from factories or moving.
  • Stretch Wrap for Parts – Manufactured shipped parts such as windows are protected with a frame and stretch wrap to keep windows protected. Anyone who has moved even once can testify about missing remote controls, screws and other parts after a move. Simply wrap the parts to furniture or secure the hardware to the bed frame and you will have everything together when arrived in the new destination.
  • Stretch Wrap for Area Rugs – The Stretch Wrap is a great tool in protecting the area rugs and oriental carpets. First, roll the carpets and then securely wrap a few layers of the stretch wrap around them. The Stretch Film will protect the carpets against any spills, dirt, and dust while in transit
  • Stretch Wrap for Books – Use the Stretch Film to pack all books in your library by bundling them together just the way you have them on the bookshelves. Wrapping books with Stretch Wrap will protect them from water damages while taking less room in the shipping boxes
  • Stretch Wrap for Moving Blankets – Moving Blankets are a must-have when moving furniture. Use of the Stretch Film to secure the Moving Blankets to the furniture works better than the Packing Tapes.
  • Stretch Wrap for Packing Kitchen – Stretch Wrap will do magic when it comes to packing the odd shape items in the kitchen. Use the Stretch Films to protect small appliances like the processor, blender, and mixer from scratches and other damages during the move. The Stretch Wrap also works great in securing the mason jars and similar containers from damages as well as spillage. For better protection first, open the top to the containers and wrap a layer of the Stretch Film from top to bottom. This will eliminate the risk of any spillage even for liquids. Finally, put the top back and secure it with a couple more layers of the Stretch Film to the main container.